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When your pets has run away,what should you do? Causes and countermeasures.

Dog ownership

I was careless.

One morning after my child arrived at school, I opened the front door to clean and ventilate the room.

Something ran past my feet with a whiz. It was our Shiba Inu.

We have a small person in the house, so we always use a guard on the door, but on that day I had accidentally left it open.

Fences for human children
I left it open.
Shiba Inu looking up at its owner
It is quite high. It’s not insurmountable.

By the time I realized it, it was too late.

I shouted, “Odashi-chan! (desperately),” but there was no Shiba Inu there anymore.

It was also bad timing because it was morning and the superintendent of the condominium had opened the auto-lock and was cleaning up.

The impatient owner put on the sandals that were at the entrance, grabbed two kinds of treats in my hand selflessly, “Odashi-chan!!!!” and chased after him.

But when he got out of the apartment, there was no more Shiba Inu-san in sight.

I thought to myself, “I’ve done it, he must have run away with a feeling of “yoo-hoo” because he probably hasn’t been getting enough exercise due to the continuous rain recently. He might not come back…” I felt despair and impatience at once.

chasing after a fleeing Shiba Inu

Odashi chan!!!” and some people on the street would help me out (thank you!) and tell me, “He just turned that corner!

They told me, “He just turned that corner.

A glimmer of hope for me as I realized I was still close by.

I continued to shout his name.

Then, to my surprise, Odashi-chan came up to me from behind me with a big smile on his face.

I was in a hurry to catch him by scattering the treats he was holding.

Finally, to my surprise, I grabbed him by the tail and pulled him to me, and managed to secure . (It must have hurt, I’m sorry.)

Current status of our house security.

We have a baby fence in our home, not for dogs, but for our little ones.

It is quite high, so our Shiba Inu will not be able to climb over it.

In addition, our Shiba Inu sometimes did not wear a collar when we were inside the house.

In the past, he used to spend time with a collar and leash inside the house as a means of training, but he would chew on them, so we stopped wearing them.

Review my daily routine.

There are four main things that we tried to improve

  1. Close the baby fence tightly (every time)
  2. When ventilating a room, do not open the door wide (up to the width of the door guard)
  3. Ensure that collars are worn even in the room
  4. Wear a stray name tag
  5. Introduce a hands-free leash

I’ve decided to keep the collar on at all times, even in the house.

Shiba Inu may not like it, but we have no choice.

I bought a new collar with a cute arabesque pattern.

We will attach a stray name tag to this and ensure that it is worn.

Attach a lost dog tag

In fact, I had just finally received the nameplate I had ordered from Rakuten a while ago.

The size is just right and the color is really cute, so I would like to use it for a long time.


On the back of the nameplate, the owner’s name and contact information (phone number) were also written.

Our family purchased the following: color: pinkish white, hardware: double ring [gold], size variation: [vertical] normal size, Size variation: [vertical] normal size

Reviewed microchip registration.

This time, after Mr. Shiba Inu escaped (or we let him escape), we looked into measures to prevent lost dogs.

One of them is microchipping. I learned that although many people have microchipped their dogs, in many cases it does not work because the owners have not registered their dogs.

My Shiba Inu was microchipped when we picked him up at the pet store, but I actually did not do anything after that.

So I took this opportunity to check the registration status.

As a result, my Shiba Inu was registered, so I was relieved.

It might be a relief for everyone to check just in case.

Use a hands-free lead when walking (I reviewed the one that escaped this time, but not during the walk)

I will make an exception, but I decided to try using a hands-free lead after the recent fiasco.

I purchased a shoulder-mounted type of lead as a reminder that the lead almost came off my hand at a moment’s notice during a walk. I haven’t received the product for the hands-free lead yet, so I will report when I receive it.

I’m so glad to be back..!

Although he escaped, I am so glad he came back.

I also decided to reinforce the recall training.