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How does Shiba Inu learn new command? Rainy day dog training-“Ring the bell”

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Rainy days are continuing in my area and other parts of Japan. Since it is the season of beautiful cherry blossoms, I would like to go cherry blossom viewing (It’s called “Ohanami”)or take a walk while looking at the cherry blossoms, but it is not easy to do so. It has been raining for about a week now. It would be nice to put on a raincoat and go out for a walk, but I cannot take a long walk because s Shiba Inu will not be able to walk. By the way, it is very cute to see a Shiba Inu wearing a raincoat. Since the rain makes it difficult to go for a walk as much as I would like, I hurry to go for a walk when the rain stops, or I play in the room practicing commands. Today, I taught Shiba Inu the “bell” command. I was disappointed when I realized halfway through that I didn’t get a video of it, but he seemed to have learned the new command in less than an hour.

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