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What we need to prepare before we welcome our dog pets to our house?

Dog ownership

You have decided to get a dog for a pet, but what kind of things should you get?

The person in charge at the pet store may recommend many things, but you wonder if you will really use them, or if you want to start with the bare minimum and buy the rest as needed.

Pet owner
Pet owner

My family was the same way.

Shiba inu
Shiba inu

To be honest, getting a pet tends to cost a lot of money, so you may want to keep your expenses as low as possible.

What you will find in this article

  • Know the minimum items you should have when you welcome your pet (including real-life experience).
  • Get a sense of the cost of what you’ll need to get together.

There are certainly things you need when you get a pet (dog), but this time I would like to introduce the things I prepared when I got my pet (dog) and the things I am glad I used.

If you really need something, I think you can get it from Amazon as soon as the next day or so, so I think it’s OK to get the bare minimum first.

Know the minimum items you should have when you welcome your pet (including real-life experience).

In conclusion, I think the following are the minimum things you should prepare.

  • Cage
  • Toilet seat (I think an inexpensive one is OK, since you will use it a lot. They are very heavy, so we recommend purchasing them on Amazon/Rakuten)
  • toilet tray
  • Food (you may be able to get this from the pet store when you pick up your pet)
  • Plate (food and water)
  • Harness and leash (if your pet is old enough to walk when you pick him up)
  • Scent-free bag

Actual pet supplies I prepared when I welcomed my pet

  • Cages
  • Carry Bags
  • Toilet Cases
  • Toilet Sheets
  • Harness + leash
  • Food
  • Water bottle
  • Dish for rice
  • Pet bottle for walking
  • Body towel

Items that are no longer used and given away along the way

carry bag

At first, I used a carry-on bag to take my dog to the veterinary clinic.

However, our dog, which weighed about 4 kg at that time, was quite heavy.

The carry bag I was using at the time was digging into my shoulders, so I never used it when I went out after that.

I had put it out in the living room thinking that it would be a place for the dog to settle down in my house, but it was not a place for the dog to settle down because of the dog’s growling, so it did not come into use much anymore.

Water Bottle

It may be unique to our dog, but he sometimes swallowed after drinking water from the waterer.

We thought that maybe the height of the water dispenser was not right for our dog, and tried to adjust the height.

We thought it might not be the right height, so we tried to adjust the height, etc., but it seemed to make him swallowed, so we ended up changing to a dish type.

What we bought after we got the dog


When they first came to our house, we gave them cushions, but they would sometimes accidentally defecate on the cushions, so we would often give our dogs blankets and other items that were no longer used by our children.

But one day, I found out that Nitori sells affordable cushions, so I decided to buy them again. The colors were so cute, and when I saw the picture of the cushion on sale, I had a faint hope that my doggy would sleep on it in the daphnia pose.

Click here for more information about Daphnia sleeping.

I guess I’m fortunate that he has grown up a bit and is able to use the toilet (for the most part), or maybe he likes the round shape, but he doesn’t pee (for the most part) and uses it nicely. (Cute!).

AIR buggy backpack

After the aforementioned carry-on bag, I purchased an AirBuggy backpack.

I had a hard time deciding between the Mandarin Brothers backpack and the AirBuggy backpack, but I bought the AirBuggy backpack because of its shoulder-friendly construction and design.

What I like about it is that the body is light and the burden on the shoulders is light. (Our doggy weighs nearly 6 kg these days, so it is simply heavy.)

) I like that there are many windows on the sides and ceiling, and the blindfold makes the doggie feel safe. I also like the fact that the blindfolds can be stored in a spinning basket.

The only thing I would say is that I wish there was a pocket on the right side to hold plastic bottles. If it were on the right side, it would be easier to take out a PET bottle while carrying the backpack.

small bag for walking around in the park

I bought a walking bag produced by the owner of Guri-chan, whom I always watch on YouTube.

Until then, I had been using a small bag that came as a free gift, but I decided to buy it because it was the owner’s best work! So I bought it.

It is designed down to the smallest detail and is very easy to use!

Originally in the house and used for doggies

Non-smelly bag 

This is almost a must-have item in our house.

Have you ever used it? My husband is a bit of a germaphobe (likes to keep clean) and is sensitive to smells (very particular).

So I learned about the no-smell bags originally from my husband.


At first I used it to put human children’s diapers in after birth and throw them away.

Now I use it to hold the doggie’s toilet seat (pee P, poop P) and disposal (poop P) during walks.

wet wipes

Since we have human children, it has always been a must-have item.

We also use them to wipe our dog’s hands and feet after returning from a walk, and to dispose of his waste after using the restroom.

Wet wipes vary in moisture content, paper quality, and price, but we have recently settled on these after using many different types.



You may be confused at first, but if you are looking for a minimum set of items, I would recommend the following.

  • Cage
  • Toilet seat (Since it will be used a lot, an inexpensive one will be OK. They are very heavy, so we recommend purchasing them on Amazon and Rakuten)
  • Toilet tray
  • Food (sometimes you can get this from pet stores)
  • Plate (rice, water)
  • Harness and leash (if your pet is old enough to go for a walk when you pick him up)
  • Scent bag

I wish you all an enjoyable doggy life!